Chartered accountancy services

Your accountancy used as a management tool.

mdtiexpertWe go far beyond the standard annual financial statements: balance sheet, profit and loss account, appendixes ; we fit our chartered accountancy service to your entity and field of activity.
We assist the French companies as well as the French branches of foreign companies to realize their projects by using this genuine management tool which is a need for every entity.
The main services we can provide are :

Assistance to the French branches of international groups : accountancy, taxation, law, social issues …;

Assistance to the entrepreneurs for the management and the organization, in compliance with legal obligations (accountancy, taxation, law, etc) ;

Bookkeeping and maintaining accounting records, establishment of performance indicators, tax returns, social declarations … ;

Establishment of the forms for tax return and annual accounts (balance sheet, profit and lost account, appendixes) to be sent to the Tax Department or to a third party. ;

Assistance for the establishment of consolidated accounts ;

Business assessment expertise ;

Legal secretarial work (notifications to the shareholders, management reports, proposition for the appropriation of profits, special reports …) ;

Consulting service on corporate law (choice and writing of the legal status of the company …)


MDT International Consulting expertise and know-how are at your entire disposal.
We assist you at every stage of the development of your company.