Consultancy services

You’ll benefit from our experience to improve your organization and process.

MDT International Consulting offers a range of consultancy services in different fields such as organization, internal audits as well as full outsourcing of financial functions (CFO, FAM, Internal audit manager, internal auditor, consolidator …) We are regularly asked to provide professional advice in intricate or specific environments and then report in several foreign languages.
Our aim: to help you get better results and optimize your organization and resource management.

Consultancy service
We analyze your process and your organization so we can give you adequate advice to improve your results. Among other missions we also provide services in process review, performance enhancement, and ensure compliance with the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) etc.
You have decided to outsource some positions of your firm ?
(CFO, FAM, Internal audit manager, internal auditor, consolidator, etc …)
Transition management
In times of big changes we help you move forward, taking charge of some missions and/or positions of your firm. Specialized in the management of French branches of foreign groups, we issue your group reports. We can also take charge of all the contacts you have with your parent company.

Our consultancy service stick to your needs in numerous fields (management, accounting, internal audit, finance, etc). We give you a comprehensive advice so you can take the best decisions for the long-term sustainability and expansion of your company. You have the benefits of an international expertise.