To give you the guarantee of relevant and accurate financial information.


Our missions are divided into legal audits (statutory audits) and contract audits (acquisition audit, assessment audit, management audit …) The statutory auditor guarantees a high-quality and transparent financial information. He assists you in every strategic stage of your company (reorganization, buyout, merger, partial asset contribution…)

Statutory audit
Our objective is to express an opinion on the legality and the sincerity of your accounting as well as on the accurate description they can give from the preceding financial year transactions and the assets and financial position of your company.
Our presence is a vital source of confidence for your company as well as for the relationship you have with third parties (managers, audit committee, associates, shareholders, banks, investors).
We implement a risk-based approach, with appropriate foundation and structure to meet the company’s challenges, its environment and its occupations in accordance with prevailing professional standards.
As statutory auditors, we work with the whole necessary ethics and independence which are necessary to perform this mission.
Share auditor
He particularly operates to check the real value of transferred assets in kind, services or other benefits. He plays a key role in specific operations such as mergers or acquisitions.
To fully succeed in our mission of share auditor, we validate :
the effective contributions that have been made ;
the actual value of the contributions ;
the absence of any action that could challenge these estimations ;
the peculiar benefits (if any)
Like the statutory auditor, the share audit is somebody you can entirely rely on.
Auditor specialist in corporate form changes
Maybe you want to change your corporate form: SA (Société Anonyme), SAS (Société par Actions Simplifiée), SARL (Société À Responsabilité Limitée)
This choice may entail serious consequences : asking for the assistance of an auditor specializing in corporate form changes should be necessary.
The role of this auditor who is a specialist in corporate form changes includes two major tasks  :
to check the actual value of the corporate assets  ;
to confirm that the shareholder capital is never less than the capital stock  ;
to check that the new corporate form fully complies with all legal regulations in force.
We also work on different transactions – organizational audit / merger – acquisition
Contract audit  : Contract audit: process review work, drafting of the internal control procedures, financial analysis of your company …
Acquisition audit (due diligence)  : assistance for data room preparation, verification and approbation of the financial reliability, company evaluations, etc.
A contract audit gives you access to expertise and high-quality advice in the fields you are interested in.